5 money-saving vegan hacks

Hey guyz n galz. Something you may not know about me yet is that I hold my purse strings rather tightly. People sometimes say that a plant-based lifestyle is too expensive, but that is not the case at all. Not only does canning meat and dairy cut out some of the most expensive foods you…

Silky, creamy, mushroom pasta

Yes, another pasta dish! Sorry, but I love pasta, and am really enjoying finding ways to make it sing without a little cheese on top (or nutritional yeast for that matter- it doesn’t grow on trees!). So this dish comes from a really strong desire to eat more pasta and more mushrooms, in a slightly…

Sumptuous sweet potato and cherry tomato pasta

I love this delicious, intensely sweet and jammy sauce, with every other bite offset by a cheeky, salty olive. It tastes really impressive, but takes minimal effort and only one pan and one baking tray for washing up. It’s easy to get stuck in a pasta rut sometimes, but I’m in love with this recipe,…

Dreamy mushroom lasagne

I think I may have cracked meat-less dairy-less lasagne. I’ve made a couple of plant-based ones in my time, but this one absolutely tramples all over the rest. It must be something about the double layer of creamy garlicky white sauce, the big juicy mushrooms, and the savoury, unctuous porcini-lentil ragu. My Italian friend even…

Big fat healthy veg burritos

This is such a good Saturday night feast, and it’s great for when you have lots of people around with different eating habits, because you can make loads of different fillings and everyone is sure to like at least a few. I’ve listed loads of different filling options, in many ways opening my own local…

Game-changing piña colada scones

What a treat I have in store for you! This recipe was borne out of the fortuitous circumstance of having a quarter of a slightly over-ripe pineapple and two brown bananas laying around. Given that coconut is one of the creamiest plant based things you can get, it made sense that I embrace all these…

Cheeky, healthy gingernuts

Sometimes, of an afternoon, you need a cup of tea and a biscuit. I’m having a real love affair with ginger at the minute, so it was only natural that I come up with some rockin’ ginger nuts. These ones are based on my bestest mate- sweet potato. They also have nuts, oats, and brown bread (trust me on this!), giving them amazing slow-releasing energy as well as a really satisfying mealy texture.

Easy mushy pea veggie burgers

I have these guys for dinner every week. They are so simple and filling, and turn what would normally be something unhealthy into something packed with fibre, and containing 2 of your 5 a day. The meat-eaters in my life like them too. In the picture, you can seen I showed off a bit with toppings, making a ridiculously tall burger,

Yummy, comfy pasta e ceci

This is such a family favourite, and it’s naturally vegan. Pasta e ceci is italian for pasta and chickpeas- it’s a classic dish but some of the classic recipes take forever. This version can be ready in 15 minutes and is still like a nice warm cuddle in a bowl, with beautiful starches in a garlic and rosemary soupy-sauce.

Off the chain vegan mac’n’cheese

Let’s start off this blog with a bang: this is the dish that made me know that I could do without dairy. There are plenty of vegan mac’n’cheeses out there, but what I think makes thais one special is the vegan béchamel (white sauce).

Bursty berry baked porridge

This is almost too simple to warrant a recipe, but just in case you’ve not tried baked porridge before, I thought I’d show you how I like it. It’s a really good weekend breakfast as you can throw it all together, go and do half an hour of yoga (or go back to bed) and return to a a fruity smelling kitchen and a lovely hot, sweet, and creamy breakfast

DIY instant porridge: cocoa coffee

I love porridge so so much, but I don’t have a microwave at home, and don’t always have the time-or the volition to wash a saucepan -to allow me to make it on the stove. You can buy instant porridge pots in the shops for something crazy like £1.50 for a small portion full of artificial…