Super fast summer veg bake

You’ll have to trust me on the concept of this one. It’s kind of a half veggie tray bake, pseudo-hot-panzanella (an italian bread and tomato salad) hybrid, but hey, why do we need to put labels on things? What matters more is that this is a minimal effort mid-week dinner, beautifully balanced with crispy slivers of potato, creamy protein from the beans, a bunch of delicious and inexpensive veggies, brought into beautiful uni with a fresh herby dressing.  Oh, it has big, fat crispy ciabatta croutons too- perfect for mopping up the zingy tomatoey juices that this meal will bless you with. Having had a tough few weeks, the seduction of a chucking a mixture of fresh and accessible ingredients to a baking tray, only to find a glorious and fulfilling dinner manifest itself after just 25 minutes in the over, has never been greater. I have two variations on the dressing here- using either lemon or red wine vinegar as your base. I’ve tried both ways, and liked both, so just choose according to convenience.

I hope you’ll let me know if this recipe treats you well.

Serves 2

Ready in 30 minutes


  • 6-8 new potatoes, sliced, or 2 larger potatoes, halved and sliced
  • 1 small head of broccoli
  • 200g cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tine of butter beans
  • 2 crusty white bread rolls- ciabatta works well
  • A small handful of olives (totally optional)
  • Juice of one lemon OR
  • A small handful of basil leaves- or your other favourite herb
  • Plenty of olive oil


  • Heat your oven to gas mark six. In a large baking tray, chuck in your sliced potatoes with a lug of oil, salt and pepper. Place in the oven for five minutes on their own, whilst you get everything else prepped.
  • Halve your cherry tomatoes, cut the broccoli into small florets (you can slice the whole stem and use that too, if you like). Drain the tin of beans and tear you bread into hearty chunks.
  • Add all of these things to the pan, drizzle with a bit more oil, mix things up, and return to the oven for twenty minutes.
  • Just before it’s ready to come out, bash or chop your basil/herbage, and mix with the vinegar/lemon and 2 tbsp. olive oil. Slice the olives if using. Retreive your tray of goodness, and pour over the dressing and olives. Mix everything around, squishing a few of your tomatoes and beans around in order to help bring things together into a nice saucy dressing.
  • Tumble out onto plates and tuck in with enthusiasm.

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  1. My kind of supper! And a nice variation on the roasted veggie supper we frequently make here with whatever is lurking in the crisper. Love the idea of mixing the bread in! I’ll share this as my #RecipeOfTheDay.

    Liked by 1 person

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