My perfect hot chocolate- two ways

Hello, and happy 2019! If you’re a regular- then welcome back! If you’re new, perhaps flirting with Veganuary, then I’m delighted that you stopped by and hope to see you again. As we wade through the grey- and anti-climactic-ness of January, I see good hot chocolate as an essential tool for well-being. In pursuit of the ideal winter beverage, I’ve tried many hot chocolates in my time as a vegan. Finally, I think I’ve found ‘the one’: no powder, not too sweet, beautifully silky, and wonderfully comforting. Plus, I have two funky variations.

Note: I wouldn’t normally prescribe a brand, but Oatly barista is an excellent product, and really gives you the silkiness required.

Serves 1

Takes 5 minutes


  • 230ml Oatly Barista
  • 30g 65% or 70% dark chocolate (which doesn’t contain milk)


  • 1 tsp. hazelnut butter
  • Chai spiced


  • Heat your Oatly in a saucepan until it is hot- but not boiling.
  • In the mean time, finely chop your chocolate.
  • Tip the chocolate into the milk, whisking thoroughly, and then pour swiftly into a mug.


Put a chai teabag in the saucepan with the milk, and remove just before you add the chocolate


Add 1 tsp. of hazelnut butter to the milk when you add the chocolate

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